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Earlobe Reduction | Repair in Boca Raton, FL

Trauma, genetics and age can all contribute to hanging, stretched earlobes that no longer complement the rest of your facial features. For many people, this can be embarrassing, affecting their choice of earrings or hairstyle.

Common causes of elongated or stretched earlobes include:

Any one of these can affect your self-esteem, how you perceive yourself and daily choice as to accessorizing.

Board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Albert Dabbah, uses techniques honed over his 30 year career to reshape and resize your earlobes with an earlobe reduction, called lobuloplasty, or earlobe repair. The correction takes half an hour to an hour and it is performed in his office under local anesthesia.

Learn more about earlobe reduction or repair surgery in Boca Raton, or contact us online to schedule your consultation with Dr. Dabbah today. Our practice routinely works with patients visiting from throughout South Florida, including Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, Deerfield Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Highland Beach, and Parkland.

Why Choose Dr. Dabbah for Earlobe Reduction or Earlobe Repair?

Throughout his career as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Dabbah has performed countless earlobe reductions and repairs. The Boca Raton community relies on Dr. Dabbah for his openness and humility when working with patients. His extensive knowledge and easygoing nature put patients at ease. You will appreciate his honesty and the natural-looking results he produces that will boost your self-confidence.

Dr. Dabbah’s Approach to Earlobe Reduction or Earlobe Repair

The degree of earlobe damage will determine the approach Dr. Dabbah uses for your reduction or repair. To begin, a member of Dr. Dabbah’s staff will apply a topical anesthetic. Dr. Dabbah will mark the area in need of repair and inject a local anesthetic to make the procedure comfortable.


There are three types of earlobe deformities, each requiring a different approach.

  • Stretched earlobes: Years of wearing heavy earrings can stretch or elongate the earring hole. This can also occur if you wore gauges which enlarge the hole. For this procedure, Dr. Dabbah will surgically remove the hole, minimize the stretched earlobe and repair both with sutures.
  • Ripped or torn earlobes: Ripped or torn earlobes most commonly occur when an earring catches on, for example, clothing or a hairbrush. For this approach, Dr. Dabbah will remove the skin lining the hole to create a new, fresh wound. He will then stitch the two sides of the lobe together to hold the skin in place to promote healing.
  • Enlarged earlobes: Dr. Dabbah performs earlobe reductions for patients who have lost skin elasticity, leaving them with droopy, elongated lobes that feel and look unflattering. The reduction process involves Dr. Dabbah cutting a wedge out of the earlobe, then shaping it to be attractive and reattaching it. This results in a smaller, more aesthetically pleasing ear. Dr. Dabbah may suggest earlobe reductions for women who undergo face and necklifts. Balance of the face and neck is key and the earlobes should complement the facial work.

Earlobe Reduction or Repair Recovery Process

A small amount of drainage is normal, but don’t hesitate to contact Dr. Dabbah if you notice signs of infection, such as prolonged swelling, redness or excess drainage. Stitches are removed a week later and we suggest waiting at least two months for repiercing.

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Who Are the Ideal Candidates for Earlobe Reduction or Repair in Florida?

Even the smallest imperfection can feel consequential. Our patients often report feeling free from hiding their ears and being more confident pulling their hair back for the first time in years.

Why Choose Dr. Dabbah for Your Earlobe Reduction or Repair in Boca Raton, Florida?

It is important to choose a surgeon with the knowledge and experience to repair the earlobe. Over the many years, Dr. Dabbah has reduced and repaired different sizes of earlobes for different reasons. You can expect to receive the attention, expertise and care you deserve from Dr. Dabbah.

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If torn, damaged, or enlarged earlobes have limited your options, earlobe repair or reduction may give you the confidence to wear more delicate jewelry, pull your hair back, or go for a shorter cut that shows off your ears.


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