Medical-grade skin care is necessary to achieve healthy skin. Healthy skin glows. It’s fresh. It’s pigment-free.  And whether or not Dr. Dabbah’s patients opt for facial surgery, skin care is paramount to health and beauty.

We offer two skin care lines in Dr. Dabbah’s Boca Raton office. Both are backed by science. Both are efficacious, results-driven and able to transform your skin, regardless of the type, problem presented, ethnicity and gender. They are each high quality and made specifically to reach the dermis where all the action occurs.

Environ is developed in South Africa and uses a formulation of pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, peptides and other proven ingredients to achieve maximum effectiveness. Its combination of fat-soluble vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e and other antioxidants and peptides promote skin health wellness and beauty. They are non-fragranced, non-comedogenic, hypo-allergenic and color-free. It uses a step-up system to allow the patient’s skin to adapt and to alleviate concerns of retinoic reaction.

We also provide our patients the option of ZO Skin Health. The philosophy behind ZO is to address the skin cells at the dermal layer, transforming the DNA of the skin cells and stimulate skin cell renewal. The product line is diverse and it uses products bioengineered to address specific skin issues, such as pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and acne.

Chemical Peels
There are a variety of chemical peels available. Retinol, glycolic and salicylic peels are more superficial and work to remove the outer layer, or epidermis.

Dr. Dabbah performs medium-depth TCA peels in his Boca Raton office. Depending on the results trying to be achieved, Dr. Dabbah can alter the concentration and numbers of layers to get the patients’ skin unblemished and glowing.  To achieve the optimal result, these peels are best done after the skin has been prepped with retinols, tretinoin and hydroquinone. The ZO peel adds to the already peachy, creamy skin by tightening the fine lines under the eyes and helping to get rid of any residual hyperpigmentation after the use of at-home products.

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