The reputation of Dr. Dabbah and his practice has always been about natural results. Consequently, our patients ask us for the best and most natural services to accompany their surgery and treatments. We are now offering semi-permanent makeup for the patient whose eyebrows are thinning, have arthritic hands or poor eyesight, have allergies to cosmetics or for those who simply do not want to reapply their eyeliner or lipliner daily.

Natalie Shem, a Board Certified Micropigmentologist with over 11 years of experience, is providing her services including:

  • Feather-Stroke Eyebrows
  • Eyebrows Shading
  • Eyeline (Top and Bottom)
  • Lip Liner
  • Lip Liner plus Shading
  • Full Lips
  • Eyelash Extensions, and
  • Aereola Pigmentation following Breast Reconstruction surgery

Natalie’s attention to detail and ability to address each client’s unique issue individually, aligns with our practice of integrity and patient-first. Call us to arrange a consultation with Natalie!

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