Cosmetic Surgery Boca RatonHere at Dr. Dabbah we take smoking seriously when it comes to performing cosmetic surgery in Boca Raton. Smokers, tobacco users, or any nicotine products have a higher complication rate with surgery. We advise all our patients to stop at minimum 1 month prior to any cosmetic surgery, if possible, more than 1 month would be better. The last thing you would want is a complication from a cosmetic surgery procedure.

Studies are now showing that e-cigarettes need to be included in this list. There has been an increase in the use of e-cigarettes and vapors. Although some may presume these are less harmful, it still includes tobacco, nicotine and other toxins. When using e-cigarettes and vapors these toxins decrease blood flow and oxygen to the tissues resulting in tissue death and an increase in infections. Any cosmetic surgery in Boca Raton you decided to undertake make sure you disclose what products you are smoking with your plastic surgeon and be cautious if they want to operate if you are using any of these products. ⠀

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