Many women in Boca Raton want to reduce the size of their breasts. They come to see Dr. Dabbah because they feel encumbered by their size, their shoulders hurt from their bras, their back aches from the size, and their center of gravity is off. Emotionally, patients tend to “hide” their body behind large tops.

As with other body contouring procedures, living in South Florida, we want to wear less clothing. Many of Dr. Dabbah’s patients comment to him that they would love to go braless. There is no question that this surgery has 150% satisfaction. Most, if not all, of Dr. Dabbah’s patients feel instantly better following breast reduction surgery.

Breast reduction surgery involves a breast lift and is not painful as no muscle work it done. Dr. Dabbah does a lot of work reshaping of the breasts as well as with the closure, so he Dr. Dabbah tends to be conservative in terms of activity. We ask that patients keep their arms lower than their shoulders for two weeks and may resume heavy lifting and workouts at about 6 weeks. We also ask patients to sleep on an incline for approximately 2 weeks, to allow gravity to pull the swelling off their chest.

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