Breast Reconstruction Boca RatonWhen diagnosed with breast cancer, it is unquestionably most important to speak to the breast surgeon and oncologist as to the removal and follow-up medical care. But most women, and men, are not told that they have an option for breast reconstruction at the time of a mastectomy, if that is the procedure of choice.

There are patients who decide that their concern is to remove the cancer and not necessarily to reconstruct at that time. There are others who choose to do the reconstruction immediately following the mastectomy. Dr. Dabbah consults with women and men regarding their options and will coordinate with the breast surgeon at the time of her or his surgery, if that is indicated.

Delayed reconstruction is also an option. Dr. Dabbah will consult with the patient to determine when the best time is to proceed with the expansion. Dr. Dabbah also does redo reconstruction on patients who have had breast surgery done previously and are either unhappy or are ready for a redo.

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