Women consult Dr. Dabbah for a breast lift when they notice drooping or sagging, or their nipples are pointing downward. This occurs with age, weight gain and weight loss. As with large breasts, women may complain of backache or shoulder grooving because of the change of the center of gravity.

Women in Boca Raton sometimes question whether a lift or a reduction will give them the result they want. Dr. Dabbah will help to make this decision. Both procedures require the same incisions, around the areola and a vertical incision, known as a lollipop scar. The breast lift involves removing skin and reshaping of the breast tissue, while the breast reduction also removes breast tissue. For patients with very long and droopy breasts, a lift itself reduces the size of the breast as the quantity of skin that fills the bra is lessened.

Breast lifts may be combined with implants for greater upper pole fullness. Women who have lost elasticity or whose breasts have more fat than breast tissue, may want to opt for implants to help attain the fullness to be able to wear the clothes that make them feel self-confident.

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