Brachioplasty, or armlift, is another procedure performed by Dr. Dabbah, which is perfect for our Boca Raton patients. Living in the warmer climate, we spend our days in short sleeved tops, bathing suits and workout clothes. Our arms are bare and we are embarrassed by the skin hanging from our upper arms when we raise them, or the size of the arm when it lays against our body.

There is no amount of exercise that will help arms with excessive laxity of skin, with or without fat, an armlift surgery is the ideal procedure to help with this. The result is a thinner arm with greater definition.

Dr. Dabbah determines the best placement of the scar, excising the skin and fat from the armpit to the elbow, so that the scar is not noticeable when the arm is raised. While the scar is long, and the recovery as long, our patients are thrilled with the results. There is little pain, but the recovery requires the patient to keep their arms lower than their shoulders with as little movement as possible. No lifting, reaching or stretching is required for 6-8 weeks. Movement too early in the recovery process can cause the incision to open, delay the healing and result in widened or hypertrophic scarring. Dr. Dabbah takes great pride and care in his surgery and resulting scars and attending to his instructions is essential to the perfect result of his armlift.

Patients who have excess skin and fat under their armpits extending to their back can opt to have it removed resulting in a brachioplasty scar extending through the armpit to their back. There are patients whose are skin is as lax lower than their elbow and Dr. Dabbah can capture this as well, giving the arm complete uniformity in tightness.

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