When it comes to facial plastic surgery, look no further because Dr. Dabbah in Boca Raton is a facial plastic surgeon who takes pride and great strides in providing his patients with a youthful natural appearing face. Dr. Dabbah has your best interest at heart. When a patient requests a facial plastic surgery that will result with an extremely tight face and unnatural creases, Dr. Dabbah will refuse to do the facial plastic surgery.

Dr. Dabbah wants his patients to look youthful, revitalized, and rejuvenated, not indistinguishable. He will analyze the patient’s facial features and discuss all the concerns associated with the facial plastic surgery. Once he’s gathered all the information he needs, he will then devise a surgical plan to address the issues discussed. Dr. Dabbah performs the best Boca Raton facial plastic surgery in the area. Contact our office to set up a consultation! (561) 488-1700

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